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ROBLOX is the largest user-generated online gaming platform , it's the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore).

Over 15 million games created by users, who every day joins Roblox and play as virtual explorers to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family friendly, immersive, 3D, environment. 


Is it free?

Yes, just like any other free to play online game, you can play for free. There are perks for people who pay for the premium plan called "Builder's Club"

What do Builder's Club members get?

There are actually 3 versions of it, each getting more expensive. However, I can glide over the basics. Every user gets one on-site slot to load their games. Members get 10 or more. Members get a daily amount of Robux (explained below), they get to sell items, no off-site ads, can create groups, and place badges.

What do you do in Roblox?

There are two major components, but the biggest one is to play the games created by the users. There's everything, from zombie fighting to sandbox building to PvP. All these games are created by players.

However, if you feel being more creative, you can open up the Studio program, and create a place yourself. It's a super powerful editor, and everything in game can be changed via a Lua script. In fact, Lua is such a major component, it's impossible to make a good game without it.

So I made a game. Now what?

Try to get people to play it! Every place earns you a Ticket - one of the two on-site currencies. More players mean you get higher on the list of games, and you could reach the top with 2,000 (!!) players in your game.


Yes, there are two currencies - Tickets and Robux. You get 10 Tickets a day when you login, and one per place visit. Builder's club members get Robux every day, and they can also sell items to other players to also boost their gain.

Of course, you can trade between Tickets and Robux. This isn't done with some set rate. There is actually a trading market for Tickets and Robux (Called the Roblox Exchange, or the RoblEX for short) Many users make a fortune selling high and buying low!

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What else?

Well, you can customize your character! There is an entire market of hats, shirts, pants, specially shaped bodies, gear, ect. Bodies, gear, and hats are created by Roblox. Shirts, pants, and any thing is created (and sometimes sold) by users.

There's more too! There are contests where players vote on who has the best place based on a theme (and the winners get prizes!) Plus, there are groups (aka clans or teams, ect) where players can get together for a common interest, or just to start wars with other clans.


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